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Nominee Cannes Film Festival, Nominee American Film Festival, Winner Cinema Audio Society  Award, Nominee Critics' Choice Documentary Awards, Nominee Women Film Critics Circle Awards, Nominee Motion Picture Sound Editors, Nominee Sofia International Film Festival, Official Selection Athens International Film Festival

The Art of Cinematic Sound

A 2019 Tribeca and Cannes Premiere, this documentary features the first generation of recognized Sound Designers and their visionary Directors. Directors like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford, among others. This documentary lets viewers into their creative realms via interviews and clips from their movies, to discover how sound transforms not only cinema, but also our lives.



These are the projects we currently have in development. Stay tuned as we announce their official releases!


In 18 months, the German Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon frantically painted the story of her 26 years on earth (1917-1943). The result is a monumental work titled Life? or Theater? action and dialogue, music, and emotion, portraying a life reborn in a graphic novel style with wit and intimacy. Her masterpiece is a trifecta of contemporary themes: the plight of refugees, sexual impropriety, and female empowerment. Charlotte is the awe-inspiring journey of a person baring their soul, and a reminder to the world of the value of a single life in our turbulent times.


A 21st century retelling of R.D. Blackmore’s classic Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor with a new Lorna, one willing and able to take control of her own destiny! Set in 17th Century England, Lorna is a Romeo and Juliet romance between star-crossed lovers Lorna Doone and John Ridd. John is an honorable farmer of modest means and Lorna is part of the sinister Doones, a family of outlaw nobles responsible for the murder of John’s father. Unbeknownst to them, the Doones also murdered Lorna’s true noble family and raised her as a Doone with a plan to one day claim her family’s vast fortune. Together Lorna and John must battle their own families, ideas of class and British royalty to be together.

Generation Nerd Girl

Recent data from LinkedIn reveals that women are now entering the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in record numbers. Generation Nerd Girl will be an uplifting feature documentary exploring this exciting generational change through the lens of one of its bold leaders – Dr. Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Education for the School of Engineering, Tufts University. A 2011 winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in STEM Mentoring, she has taught and mentored hundreds of young women from all over the world encouraging them to pursue and  persist in undergraduate and graduate STEM studies and careers.

Image by Siora Photography

A competition documentary at Sundance 2018, currently being distributed by Magnolia Pictures and Dogwoof, Ltd. This feature documentary tells the story of world famous artist Yayoi Kusama's turbulent journey to the top. The story spans over 7 decades -- from her childhood in Japan, to her days as a young immigrant in New York rivaling Warhol, to her rocky return to Japan and slow climb to the top.   Kusama has battled sexism, racism and mental illness that led her to the Tokyo mental institution she has called home for over 40 years.

Nominee Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize; Nominee Critics Choice Documentary Award Best First Feature Heather Lenz.

Nerd Girl Nation

A webseries talk show featuring young women changing the planet with their ingenuity, resolve, and collaborative attitude. Brainy and powerful, these girls are the first generation to have been reared entirely on hi-tech. They are today's forensics experts, bioengineers, and rocket scientists. Nerd Girl Nation features this impressive new generation and gives them a voice through a show of their own. 


Awardee: IEEE Disruptive Innovations Grant  


Double Dare

From Oscar-nominated director Amanda Micheli, this action-packed feature documentary follows legendary stuntwoman Jeanne Epper and newcomer Zoe Bell as they struggle to keep working, stay sane, and stay thin in male-dominated Tinseltown. This consistent Audience Award winner features Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Linda Carter, and Lucy Lawless.

Winner: AFI Fest Audience Award; San Francisco International Film Festival Audience Award; Boston Independent Film Festival Audience Award; Sonoma Valley Film Festival Audience Award; Woodstock Film Festival Best Editing; Boston Independent Film Festival Special Jury Prize Amanda Micheli. 

Concrete Wall

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Twice Upon A Yesterday

A magical rom-com from award-winning director Maria Ripoll. An out-of-work actor, desperate to win back the affections of his ex-girlfriend, unexpectedly stumbles upon a way to turn back time and get a second chance. This multi-award winner features Penelope Cruz, Lena Heady, and Douglas Henshall. 

(Karen Johnson produced through her prior partnership Wild Rose Productions)

Winner Best Screenplay Montreal Film Festival; Nominee Goya Award Best New Director Maria Ripoll; Nominee Imagen Award Best Theatrical Feature Film.

wanda the wonderful.jpeg

Wanda the Wonderful

The true story of a sharpshooting, gun slinging, Wild West woman, forging her own way in the early 20th Century. Filmmaker Carolyn Macartney's docu-drama explores the grandmother she never met, but whose story of rebellion, recklessness, and pioneering independence intrigued and inspired a family.


Acclaimed playwright Octavio Solis's adaptation of his stage play about death, identity, and the hedonism of 80's Reaganism in America.

Lily Gatins

The international street style artist, model and muse takes viewers on a journey to discover avant garden fashion.